Cacio Divino

Semi ripened sheep's milk cheese dipped in "Sangiovese" red wine

In autumn nature takes on warm pastel colours and fills with intense fragrances such as the smell of grapes that inebriates the air.

Looking at the ripe bunches of grapes on the vines near Villa Corte, where the autumn season provides a spectacle of unique colours and fragrances, we had the idea of creating “Cacio Divino”.

Using Sangiovese wine to wash the cheese, the country folk were sure to have a product that could be preserved for the entire winter and would not be damaged by bacteria or parasites.

More details

cod. 603
New product
  • semi ripened sheep's milk cheese, dipped in Sangiovese red wine
  • regular shape
  • smooth rind of purple colour
  • white and thick texture with fine holes
  • persistent smell of grape
  • pleasant taste also of wine
  • medium weight: 1,4kg

The culinary research and the modern conviviality, made of finger food, happy hour and dinners with friends, led to the discovery of the "game of pairing" with wine and jams.

In this game there are no rules, except those dictated by personal tastes, the important thing is not to forcefully force your preference.


Pears and fresh or caramelized figs

Aged basamic vinegard of Modena

Pears, red radish, green tomato, blackberry jam

“SAVOR” (typical jam of Romagna made by pears, quince, "Saba" and dried fruits

Acacia, chestnut, linden, thyme honey


Red Wine of medium build: Sangiovese Superiore di Romagna, Chianti classico, Barolo, Nero d’Avola 

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