Cheese leftovers: eco...logical and economical!

Cheese is generally one of the foods that is most easily forgotten in the refrigerator and often goes to waste.

But it can become an economical and eco…logical resource not to be underestimated! This is why we offer some simple tasty ideas to give leftovers of cheese a new lease of life, transforming them into many appetising opportunities!

Never throw away any cheese leftovers as you can dice or grate them and use them to flavour pasta dishes, soups, pies and recipes au gratin even when they are dry.

Further below you will find some simple ideas for recycling pieces of cheese found in the refrigerator. With a bit of imagination you can invent many other appetising dishes!


Grilled cheese

If the pieces that are left over are large you can cut them into strips and grill them on a griddle until crispy.

Fried cheese

Hard-crusted cheeses can be fried in a non-stick pan or in a normal frying pan with a knob of butter.


This is an ideal way to use up any leftover cheese in the fridge, preparing a delicious polenta cooked in the oven with a cheese topping or slices of fried polenta served with cheese.

Pasta in cheese sauce

When you find different types of leftover cheese in the fridge they can be melted together with a little milk and a knob of butter to make a quick sauce for pasta, finished off with a little grated nutmeg.

Meatballs or vegetable patties

Another recipe suggestion is for savoury patties, made with any type of leftover cheese mixed with other leftovers such as small pieces of meat or any kind of vegetable, to which you add 1 egg and breadcrumbs to form patties and which you can serve with a simple tomato sauce.

Pasta sauce

Dry cheese particularly can be grated and added to an “amatriciana” or “Carbonara” sauce, or an aubergine sauce or whatever else takes your fancy.

Cream cheese spread

Soft cheeses or ricotta can be mixed with a little milk to create a soft cream that you can spread on bread or put in sandwiches.


By adding leftover cold meats or salami and any pieces of cheese to a bread dough you get a stuffed focaccia.

Savoury flan

By using leftover boiled vegetables and cheese, ricotta is especially suitable, you can prepare a quick flan by chopping up the vegetables and preparing a dough with cheese, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. Cook the flan in a loaf mould in the oven for 50 minutes and the dish is ready for serving.