Botticella del Cacio Faenum

Rustic earthware barrel

Barrel with 7 "Cacio Faenum" cheeses and hay. The barrel is supplied with two removable supports that keep safe from falling.


Sheep's milk cheese ripened in wood barrel with hay

In the breathtaking eighteenth century cellar of Villa Corte dozens of old wooden barrels were found. They had been used by the aristocratic family for making wine from the fine local grapes of their estate.

The discovery of these old barrels enabled us to study and research other maturing methods used in rural traditions.

This resulted in the creation of “Cacio Fænum”, a sheep milk cheese matured with hay in barrels. In this process the cheese is first matured to the right point then placed in a barrel with a cushion of fragrant hay.

The product, matured naturally in barrels, gently releases the pleasant vitality of the rural aromas to the nose and palate.

More details

cod. 802
New product
  • sheep's milk cheese ripened inside a wood barrel with hay
  • slightly irregular shape
  • moss green colour rind
  • white and thick texture
  • persistent and folksy smell
  • aromatic and balanced taste
  • medium weight: 1,4kg

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