"Il Noce" in giara

Earthenware jar 

Jar with 4 "Il Noce Affinato" cheese and walnut leaves. The jar can be exposed vertically or horizzontally, pay attention to stop it laterally. 


Sheep's milk cheese ripened in earthenware jar with walnut leaves

Il Noce is the result of an old technique of maturing that we rediscovered thanks to our research work.

The maturation in jars enables the cheese to give its best, offering unique distinctive aromas and fragrances.

This expertly matured sheep milk cheese is placed together with fragrant walnut leaves in large earthenware jars which are then hermetically sealed. On warming it slowly exhausts the oxygen present and undergoes a characteristic gentle fermentation. This process makes the cheese moist, delicately fragrant, with a full rich flavour that will delight the palates of connoisseurs.

“Il Noce” should be tasted with a few walnuts to enhance its flavour.

More details

cod. 489
New product
  • sheep's milk cheese ripened inside a jar with walnut leaves
  • slightly irregular shape lightly marked by the leaves
  • ivory texture with fine holes
  • lingering scent with hints of walnut
  • sweet and pleasant taste
  • medium weight: 1,4kg

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