L'Ulivo in giara

Earthenware jar of medium size

Jar with 12 "l'Ulivo" cheeses and branches of olivo trees. The jar can be exposed vertically or horizzontally, pay attention to stop it laterally.


Sheep's milk cheese ripened in earthenware jar with olive branches

Brisighella is known throughout the world for its olive trees from which delicious oils are produced.

Having a great love of nature and the products of our Romagna, we wanted to find a maturing process that accentuated the qualities of the olive trees.

We brought back an old maturing method in which the cheeses are left in earthenware jars lined with fresh olive tree cuttings on which to place the cheeses.

After a long gentle fermentation, what came out of the jar was a smooth delicately flavoured cheese with a hint of olive fragrance.

More details

cod. 500
New product
  • sheep's milk cheese ripened inside a jar with olive branches
  • slightly irregular shape
  • rind marked by branches of light ochre colour
  • ivory paste with fine holes
  • delicate smell with olive hints
  • sweet and pleasant taste
  • medium weight: 1,4kg

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