Ricotta di Pecora

Latticino a base di siero

Sheep milk ricotta is a very fresh product obtained from sheep milk whey.

The name "ricotta" is derived from a Latin word (recoctus) which means re-cooked. It cannot be considered a cheese but rather a milk derivative. Although a poor and simple product it is good for the health which makes it suitable for children.

It has a soft creamy consistency and a full delicate flavour. Ricotta made from whey is suitable for low calorie diets and the preparation of tasty but light dishes. It is the base for various sweet and savoury dishes.

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The culinary research and the modern conviviality, made of finger food, happy hour and dinners with friends, led to the discovery of the "game of pairing" with wine and jams.

In this game there are no rules, except those dictated by personal tastes, the important thing is not to forcefully force your preference.


Candied or in syrup fruit

Fruit flavored honey, cocoa powder or chocolate chips


Light Red Wine: Cagnina, Lambrusco amabile

Dry White Wine: Albana, Verduzzo

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