Goat milk cheese 

Goat milk cheese

Goat milk has characteristics that make it highly digestible. We have leveraged them to create some semi-soft and hard cheeses with pure goat milk (100% goat milk) and mixed goat and sheep milk which complete the range of goat milk cheeses.

The leading product, among the others is Rosone. Its name arises from the characteristic ribbed cheese loaf that brings to mind the rose windows of old gothic cathedrals.

Capretta is a cheese that invades the senses with a full delicate flavour appreciated by the most demanding palates. It gives its best when used in cooking and is perfect for risottos and creamy dishes.

The range is completed with Caperino and Primitivo which are mixed types (goat and sheep milk).

  • Semi ripened goat's milk cheese Goat milk is quite unique in terms of flavour, aroma and nutritional substances. To bring out these characteristics our cheesemakers have created a cheese that envelopes the senses with a full gratifying flavour for people with a delicate palate, such as children, or those who suffer from food intolerances. It is...