La Capretta

Semi ripened goat's milk cheese

Goat milk is quite unique in terms of flavour, aroma and nutritional substances.

To bring out these characteristics our cheesemakers have created a cheese that envelopes the senses with a full gratifying flavour for people with a delicate palate, such as children, or those who suffer from food intolerances.

It is dedicated mainly to those who like the taste of goat milk and also those who want to discover the taste of goat milk cheese without the characteristic “odour” disliked by many.

“La Capretta” gives its best when used in recipes. It has a creamy consistency which blends perfectly so that you can amaze your fellow diners with risottos, sauces and scallops.

More details

cod. 260
New product
  • semi ripened goat's milk cheese
  • squared shape
  • bloomy milk-white colour rind inclined to ashy
  • soft creamy and white straw texture
  • aromatic taste
  • delicately intense smell with hint of goat’s
  • medium weight: 2,2kg