Our History

From father to son, since the early nineteen sixties. That’s when our history began. We had been trading in cheeses and dairy products when we decided to start experimenting with cheese maturation which we perfected only in the early 2000s.

Throughout this period we studied the evolution of cheeses and built the knowledge base and technical information which was necessary for the next step: the creation of our cheeses, produced with our own personal touch and philosophy to communicate the heart of this land, its flavour and taste.

It was almost for fun that we then started to produce the first sheep milk cheeses, selecting the milk of our herdsmen and processing it with advanced techniques but without neglecting tradition.

Through hard work, and our partners’ passion and dedication, we have become a point of reference in Italy and abroad for the production of matured and affined sheep milk cheeses, our flagship products.

In 2000 we bought Villa Corte, a centuries old residence in the hills near Brisighella. The villa and its old cellars have become the key to the maturation of some of our cheeses.

They tell our story of a marvellous adventure that started in the heart of Romagna.

Le origini