Mini Alveare

Small semi ripened sheep's milk cheese treated with natural beeswax

Beeswax provides excellent protection when it is used to coat our most exceptional cheeses such as the Mini Alveare.

This small sheep milk cheese is processed using natural methods, then the expert hands of our cheesemakers, like industrious "drones”, immerse it in beeswax. The wax, which is one of nature's greatest gifts, has a malleable consistency, it is tasteless with a delicate fragrance of honey and impermeable to water but it allows the passage of air.

Once cut the cheese retains a clean rind and the core will have a full soft flavour with that hint of honey given by the wax which will delight your palate.

The small size and the specially designed packaging make it an ideal gift idea for all occasions.

More details

cod. 257
New product
  • small semi ripened sheep's milk cheese
  • coated with natural beeswax
  • yellow gold rind
  • white and moistened texture
  • sweet smell referable to honey
  • full and soft flavour
  • medium weight: 400/450g

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