Mini Cacio Divino

Small semi ripened sheep's milk cheese dipped in "Sangiovese" red wine

In the autumn nature takes on warm pastel shades and the air fills with intense fragrances such as the smell of grapes that pervades the atmosphere.

After looking at the ripe bunches of Sangiovese grapes on the vines near Villa Corte, where the autumn season explodes in a spectacle of distinctive colours and scents, we thought of a mini version of “Cacio DiVino”.

Using the wine to wash the cheese, the country folk made sure they had a product that would keep for the entire winter and not be damaged by bacteria or parasites.

The small size and the specially designed packaging make it an ideal gift idea for all occasions.

More details

cod. 279
New product
  • small semi ripened sheep's milk cheese, dipped in red wine "Sangiovese"
  • smooth rind of purple colour
  • white and thick texture with fine holes
  • persistent smell of grapes
  • pleasant taste of wine
  • medium weight: 400/450g

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