Mini Tartufaio

Small semi ripened mixed cheese of cow's and sheep's milk with truffle

The Mini Tartufaio is part of a collection of aromatised cheeses that we have created to offer our customers small tastes with an extra touch of originality to put on the table on special occasions.

The fragrant and strongly flavoured Mini Tartufaio is appreciated by those who like the flavours of the undergrowth.

The truffle flakes blend with the cheese and enrich its aroma and taste. It is excellent on a platter of appetisers but is also a nice way to finish off a gourmet meal.

The small size and the specially designed packaging make it an ideal gift idea for all occasions.

More details

cod. 463
New product
  • small semi ripened mixed cheese of cow's and sheep's milk with truffle
  • white rind and pulp marked by thinly sliced of truffle
  • compact texture
  • aromatic aroma
  • pleasant taste characteristic of truffle
  • medium weight: 400/450g

The culinary research and the modern conviviality, made of finger food, happy hour and dinners with friends, led to the discovery of the "game of pairing" with wine and jams.

In this game there are no rules, except those dictated by personal tastes, the important thing is not to forcefully force your preference.


Aged balsamic vinegard of Modena

“Saba” (cooked grape must)

“SAVOR” (typical jam of Romagna made by pears, quince, "Saba" and dried fruits)

Acacia, chestnut, linden, thyme honey


Fullbodies Red Wine: Amarone di Valpolicella, Brunello di Montalcino

Liqueur or "Passito" Wine: Moscato passito, Malvasia

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