Behind our products is our master cheesemakers’ passion, their skills acquired in years of work and the time necessary to create a taste experience that we offer and bring to your tables every day.

It is a story that began long ago and continues today, representing our land of Romagna, its traditions and the old techniques that we have rediscovered.

Our cheeses tell their story every day with authentic refined flavours and aromas, sometimes enriched by long meticulous maturing, like the cheeses made in the cellars of Villa Corte.

Or affined with old techniques based on natural essences such as walnut and olive leaves and hay.

Products with a unique flavour, conceived for more refined palates but also for those who are looking for sweetness and elegance in flavours.

Care, attention, passion and a meticulous approach. These are our values. This is our work.

A good cheese needs love and time. Take your time to enjoy our cheeses.

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  • Fresh Cheeses
    Fresh Cheeses

    Our fresh cheeses are part of the tradition of Romagna. Squacquerone and Ricotta made from cow milk always used to be on the table of country folk. Simple, yet nutritional and easy to use in many dishes which have been passed down to our times.

    Soft and velvety on the palate, they can be enjoyed on any occasion, even simply with a spoon or with crispy piadina bread hot from the oven.

    Products conceived and created to delight the palates of our customers, with a passion for our land which is generous and wise but also so honest and authentic.

  • Semi-soft cheeses
    Semi-soft cheeses

    Semi-soft cheeses. Their maturation process is shorter than for other cheeses which require more time for their full flavour to develop.

    These cheeses can be made with sheep or cow milk, or with a mixture of both to create a complete range of flavours and aromas.

    Some of them are particularly distinctive because they are affined with various spices such as black pepper and hot pepper or truffle.

    Semi-soft cheeses have an intense flavour but they are also appreciated by more delicate palates. They are never aggressive but envelop the palate and conquer it with their characteristics acquired during maturation.

  • Hard cheeses
    Hard cheeses

    Our hard cheeses represent our history and that of Romagna. Some, such as Vero Formaggio Scoparolo (registered trade name), belong to the tradition of Romagna, while others such as Gran Cru di Grotta were created by our master cheesemakers and from the experience that we have gained in the cellars of Villa Corte.

    At the villa we rediscovered old maturation methods that we decided to use to create cheeses with a unique flavour and aroma. An immersion in this land that is so generous and which we offer you every day.

  • Affined cheeses
    Affined cheeses

    An affined cheese is the result of a long process that starts with the work of the master cheesemakers. It involves many important delicate steps that must be carried out with care - old methods that we have rediscovered and decided to use to produce cheeses with a decisive unique personality all of their own.

    Affining in jars with olive or walnut leaves or in barrels with hay are only some of the many examples of processes that have yielded our most famous affined cheeses such as L'Ulivo, Noce Affinato, Cacio Faenum or Cacio Divino.

    One of these is our star cheese, Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano DOP, of which we are the main producer.

  • Goat milk cheese
    Goat milk cheese

    Goat milk has characteristics that make it highly digestible. We have leveraged them to create some semi-soft and hard cheeses with pure goat milk (100% goat milk) and mixed goat and sheep milk which complete the range of goat milk cheeses.

    The leading product, among the others is Rosone. Its name arises from the characteristic ribbed cheese loaf that brings to mind the rose windows of old gothic cathedrals.

    Capretta is a cheese that invades the senses with a full delicate flavour appreciated by the most demanding palates. It gives its best when used in cooking and is perfect for risottos and creamy dishes.

    The range is completed with Caperino and Primitivo which are mixed types (goat and sheep milk).

  • Mini Gifts
    Mini Gifts

    Small in size, but big on flavour and aroma. These products are miniature versions of our leading products, enriched with some real culinary treats, created by adding particular spices such as black pepper, hot pepper and truffle to the cheese paste.

    These mini cheeses are genuine dairy gems wrapped in a special packaging.

    With their various appetising flavours, our Mini Gifts make an excellent choice for your Christmas gifts – or any other occasion. Place them in Christmas hampers or in a set together with a bottle of wine.

    If you want to pass on the emotions of a trip to Romagna, choose one of these delicacies or a whole selection of the ones you like.

  • Cheese spreads
    Cheese spreads

    Bread and cheese! A classic pairing that we have modernised by creating aromatised spreads inspired by some of our leading products.

    We enjoyed trying out different combinations of aromatic herbs and spices to find the ones that make cheese spread pleasant, tempting and creative.

    An appetiser, an improvised snack or a delicacy to enjoy with a glass of good wine. Our cheese spreads will brighten up your moments of leisure.

    Our cheese spreads are an excellent base for crostini, canapés and savoury pies, for creaming risotto and pasta dishes and to create sauces for meat. They will enhance the flavour of your dishes leaving you pleasantly surprised.

  • Take Away
    Take Away

    Cheese in practical handy portions. Ideal if you don’t want to miss out on the taste, without being forced to buy a large quantity.

    125 gram slices coming in a special packaging designed to ensure the best taste experience as well as proper conservation in the refrigerator.

    These elegant single-portion packs are used for three of our leading cheeses, Vero Formaggio Scoparolo, L'Affumicato and Cacio Divino.

    The packages are distributed in a container for 12 single-product pieces (it is not possible to order different cheese types in the same pack).