Il Delizioso al Tartufo

Soft semi ripened sheep's milk cheese with truffle

Research, curiosity and some inspired input from our customers help us to create new products that satisfy the taste of anyone who tries them and puts them on the table.

This pecorino brings out all the richness of the truffle with which it is made and the taste of a good soft cheese, in a blend of aromas and flavours.

Soft and creamy to the right point, enjoy it alone or use it in preparing various dishes, such as risottos.

More details

cod. 262
New product
  • soft semi ripened sheep's milk cheese with truffle
  • squared shape
  • border slightly round
  • bloomy rind of white colour with some grey pigmentation
  • texture of ivory colour, soft and by nature creamy with slice of truffle
  • pleasant smell characteristic of truffle
  • delicate and velvety taste
  • medium weight: 2,2kg

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