Il Delizioso di Pecora

Soft semi ripened sheep's milk cheese

A cheese made with sheep milk but smooth and soft, created especially by our master cheesemakers for those who do not appreciate more substantial cheeses. “Delizioso di Pecora” embodies all the characteristics of a tasty cheese with soft consistency, good by itself but excellent for adding something special to many dishes.

A versatile and appetising cheese that lends itself particularly well to the preparation of starters, fondues and main courses.

More details

cod. 210
New product
  • soft semi ripened sheep's milk cheese
  • squared shape
  • border slightly round
  • bloomy rind of white colour with somegrey pigmentation
  • texture of ivory colour, soft and by nature creamy
  • pleasant smell
  • delicate and velvety taste
  • medium weight: 2,2kg

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