La Ghiotta

Semi ripened cow's milk cheese 

La Ghiotta is a fresh caciotta cheese made from cow milk. The name of this cheese says everything about it. Its soft texture and sweet delicate taste make it a real treat at any time of day and on every occasion.

You can eat it in slices with a glass of good wine but you can also use it creatively: in small cubes next to the pinzimonio (raw vegetables dipped in olive oil with pepper and salt) as an appetiser, in thin slices laid over vegetables or dishes cooked au gratin, together with fruit as a snack or to substitute dessert.

Offer it to your children so that they start to appreciate cheese, a wholesome healthful food.

More details

cod. 206
New product
  • semi ripened cow's milk cheese
  • light yellow rind
  • rounded shape
  • compact and elastic texture of light straw yellow color
  • butyric smell
  • delicate and pleasant taste
  • medium weight: 1,8kg

The culinary research and the modern conviviality, made of finger food, happy hour and dinners with friends, led to the discovery of the "game of pairing" with wine and jams.

In this game there are no rules, except those dictated by personal tastes, the important thing is not to forcefully force your preference.


Caramelized figs, pear and walnut

Elder jam

Acacia or arbutus honey


Light Red Wine: Sangiovese novello, Lambrusco

Dry White Wine: Ribolla, Pagadebit, Passerina

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