Suggestions for Tasting


The proper way to taste a cheese

Cheese is very sensitive to sudden changes in ambient conditions and since it is made partly of fat it requires the right temperature.

So if you want to taste it in the best way you need to follow a few simple instructions.

  • Take it from the refrigerator at least one hour beforehand, especially if it is a matured or semi-matured cheese.
  • If you want to present it in slices, cut the cheese just before serving it to prevent natural oxidation.

Cutting a cheese properly is an art, and it is important for the presentation. It must be cut so that each slice has the right proportion of pasta and rind because the flavour in the creamline (just under the rind) is always more intense and its characteristics are more accentuated.


Storage in the Refrigerator

Cheeses are not all the same. Here is some advice that will enable you to keep your cheese in the best conditions.

  • It is advisable not to put different cheeses in direct physical contact with each other when they have already been cut into portions.
  • Cheeses do not like low temperatures so if possible place them in the lowest part of the refrigerator where the temperature is less cold.
  • The part cut should always be covered with a plastic film to prevent natural oxidation.
  • If you buy a complete cheese the rules for keeping it are different. A cheese with a natural rind develops some moulds during its maturation which encourage the maturation. These moulds are a sign of the genuineness and craftsmanship of the product and can be treated in a way that makes the cheese excellent.
  • If the cheese is a washed rind type it is enough to wash the cheese with tepid water and remove the mould with a brush, then dry it with a paper towel.
  • If the cheese has an oiled rind, remove the mould with a dry brush and wipe each side of the rind with paper towel slightly impregnated with olive oil, then leave to dry.