Cacio Divino 125g

Semi ripened sheep's milk cheese dipped in "Sangiovese" red wine

Our Cacio affined in wine is suited to everyone's pocket. This pack is part of a special line that we thought of for all those people who want to taste our products in single portions and limited quantities and for use on special occasions or simply to keep in the fridge where they are properly preserved by the specially designed packaging.

The packs are available together with their own 12-piece display.


Cacio Divino

After looking at the ripe bunches of Sangiovese grapes on the vines near Villa Corte, where the autumn season explodes in a spectacle of distinctive colours and scents, we thought of creating "Cacio Divino”.

The cheese is affined in Sangiovese wine, absorbing the flavours and aromas of the wine and combining the body of a red wine with the mellowness of the cheese.

More details

cod. 931
New product
  • semi ripened sheep's milk cheese, dipped in Sangiovese red wine
  • smooth rind of purple colour
  • white and thick texture with fine holes
  • persistent smell of grapes
  • pleasant taste also of wine

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