The Cellars of Villa Corte

Villa Corte is a breathtaking late 18th century stately home nestled in the green hills of Brisighella. The entry courtyard, the garden with centuries old trees and the manor house have become coveted venues for events and weddings.

Its old cellars, which are at the heart of our work, were built in bare stone and hollow earthenware tiles, ensuring the ideal microclimate for natural maturing and traditional affining, while offering some spectacular architecture.


The restoration and an interesting discovery


We strongly believed in the restoration of this charming place and its rooms which had been left to slow deterioration.

The renovation of the existing building used the same materials as the original, returning it to its past splendour.

During the renovation works we found old terracotta casks and jars  from which we were able to study and develop old methods of maturation used in rural traditions.


The legacy of history: traditional maturation


Inside our expertly restored cellars, cheeses in the process of their long careful maturing are affined with great care and respect of the ambient conditions.

Expert hands supervise their maturation following step by step the delicate chemical and microbiological transformations that take place in this natural environment without the use of artificial refrigeration.

Cheeses are affined here calmly, over time, to become genuine delicacies for refined palates.

A timeless place where tradition is revived and is transformed into flavour.