The Dairy

Good cheese begins with good raw materials, the essence from which everything starts. Our milk is always fresh and arrives every day from carefully selected herdsmen.

Meticulous laboratory tests and attention to all the health and hygiene regulations are preliminary steps in the production of cheeses created by the expertise and creativity of our cheesemakers. Every day.

They are the people who continually spur us on to create new products from sheep or goat milk for your dining tables.

It is their hands that created the best known products, such as Vero Formaggio Scoparolo (with registered trade name), the affined cheeses (Cacio Faenum, Il Noce Affinato, L’Ulivo) and our star product, Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano D.O.P., produced strictly according to specifications.

Our partners carefully check every step, from delivery of the milk to processing, maturing and final packaging, to guarantee quality and reliability.

Care, attention, passion and a meticulous approach. These are our values. This is our work.