The Farm Shop

Aromas, tastes, flavours… How can you say something about a cheese without being able to taste it? That’s why we opened our farm shop, where a wide range of our products is always available. Let our expert staff gently help you to choose the right cheese for you. And with the recipes that we have selected for you, you’ll never run out of cooking ideas.

If you are looking for a special experience, directly in the dairy, come visit us during our opening hours.

In the shop you can find the entire range of our dairy products:

  • the “Freschissimi a Km 0”: locally produced soft cheeses such as squacquerone, ricottas, cow milk mozzarellas and stracciatella
  • the affined cheeses made from sheep milk or a mixture of sheep and cow milk, such as Il Vero Formaggio Scoparolo, L’Ulivo, L’Alveare, Il Noce and the Gran Cru di Grotta.
  • Goat milk cheeses, such as Rosone, inspired by gothic cathedrals, Caperino and La Capretta

Then, during the Christmas and Easter festivities, we produce our famous artisan mascarpone, made by hand with cheesecloths, exactly as they did in times past.

Our shop offers quality at production prices, plus there are many special offers every week for our customers. Come and see us!

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The shop is open during the following hours:

Tue:8.30 - 12.3015.45 - 18.45
Wed:8.30 - 12.3015.45 - 18.45
Thu:8.30 - 12.3015.45 - 18.45
Fri:8.30 - 12.3015.45 - 18.45
Sat:8.30 - 12.30Closed