Who we are

In our dairy, production begins with a fundamental value: the genuineness of the raw materials. A careful selection by the herdsmen is the first step in the production of our cheeses, made mainly with sheep’s milk.

Our cheese is a labour of love. That’s why we use high technology equipment but rely on manual processing techniques for the main stages that determine product quality.

Our thorough control of all the processing stages has enabled us to obtain the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification, the highest in Europe, which ensures international food safety standards in organised large scale retail distribution.


A story that begins in our land

The tradition of Romagna, our muse, lives on in our cheeses. Each one represents a story, a method, a secret that we have studied and applied over the years. Each one is a tie with our generous, wise land.

Our products deserve to be presented in a highly original way: this is why, years ago, we devised a special packaging for each cheese and an accompanying collection of articles (jars, casks, baskets) that will unfold its story.

We leave our treasured cheeses to age, with patience and tranquillity, in the cellars of Villa Corte. The underground pits of Sogliano contain our PDO cheese which is produced following set rules and of which we are the primary Italian producers. We have been developing the art of cheese-making since 1996 by combining traditional methods and technology to guarantee flavour, quality, food safety and production capacity.

Our cheeses are a work of art!